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Wolfgang Gaebler

Something about me!

I was born in Germany!
I love to travel and to make videos.
It’s a passion that is really important in my life. But I never forget to have fun while doing it.

All videos on this site are made by me. Which means I’ve filmed them, edited them and searched for the right music or sound track.

I have no real preference for a genre, because almost everything could be an exiting adventure.

The right attitude is the main point for all things in my life.

Money doesn’t matter too much and so my budget is not crucial.
If the project is interesting and I would love to do it – then we should not stop until it’s done!

My Equpment:

  • Sony PMW-EX1
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Sony HXR-MC1P
  • Several smaller cams
  • Several high quality lenses and filters
  • Several tri- and mono-pods, e.g. from Manfrotto
  • Glidecam and Steadycam
  • Steadystick
  • Car mounts and other mounts
  • Audio recording stuff
  • LED lights
  • Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects
  • Magic Bullet Looks and several Red Giant Plugins
  • Apple Mac Pro 12-core
  • and so on… ;-) You may see, it’s my passion! Contact me, if you wish!


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GERMAN websites:
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