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Wolfgang | 2016/12/12 | no comments

How to find out why your WordPress Website is not working in seconds.

For that you need to know if there is a Plugin preventing your WordPress website from loading. Many times it will happen that you only see a blank white page and even the login link (e.g. is not gonna work.

You may need only seconds to find the reason for that unpleasant behavior.

Just rename your “Plugins” directory into “Plugins-old”.
Reload your page.

If you are now able to see something and/or if you are now able to load the page then you know there is a problem with one of your plugins. Remove one plugin after another and reload the page every time.

At the end you will know which plugin was responsible even though it’s some kind of work…

You’ll find the Plugin directory in “wp-content”.
To rename your directories online you need an FTP program like FileZilla

This is probably the fastest way ever!

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