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Wakeboarding in Slow Motion

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Wolfgang | 2012/01/11 | no comments

We’ve filmed the fabulous Wakeboard event “Chill & Ride” last year. After this event I had less than a week to cut the final video (, but I wanted to do something more special with the captured footage!

And here is the result… Best watched in Fullscreen!

Everything was edited within Final Cut Pro X except one shot that I’ve polished in Motion 5. Maybe you can guess which one… ;-)

I’ve used the Optical Flow feature and many shots are slowed down to 1% which results in a slow motion comparable to 1000fps. (More info !)

The song “I Won’t Fade Away!” is from the group “a sound travesty” from the album “Number Zero”.

This song expresses the wish to do something in life that is worth to remember. Of course this is only my interpretation. ;-)

You can download the song for free on
But if you like it, you should support them a little bit!

More info about the event:

The same video on YouTube:

Chill and Ride - Slomo

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Wakeboarding in Slow Motion