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The young german singer-songwriter: Perry O'Parson: A Cage Full of Apes!

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Wolfgang | 2011/03/16 | no comments

A very catchy song performed by the young german singer-songwriter: Perry O’Parson.
Please listen to it and you will hear that his voice is pretty more than awesome!

My personal opinion: He sounds like the young Bob Dylan, but with a voice… ;-)

“A Cage Full Of Apes” was recorded live (in one take!) in the Schlachthaus, Karlsruhe, Germany.

If you want to buy a song:’Parson

Song / Lyrics: Perry O’Parson

Cam / Cut:

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Cams: Canon EOS 7D, Sony PMW-EX1, Sony HDR-TG7, Sony HXR-MC1P

The same video on YouTube:

The Lyrics:

i’m tracing satellites
watch ’em moving through the night
on the curbeside under streetlights

like you said…long ago
“let’s get in, my hands are getting cold”
i see you in a cage full of apes

not now and not tonight
i’m gonna change my mind
for some reasons ain’t worth to wait

i’m gonna stay out there
watchin’ cars pass the borderline and fields
i’m on the wrong side where the rain falls easy

oh look at me
wounds that i get
wounds that i own for years
wounds to decorate my heart with
come be my quiet, calm complicity
some fellows won’t admit it

but i swear that they can go to hell!

Copyright Perry O’Parson/Marcel Gein

If you want to buy a song:’Parson

Perry O'Parson: A Cage Full Of Apes!

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Perry O'Parson: A Cage Full Of Apes!