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Apple Mac Pro - Raid 0 - 3 disk array - unbelievable fast!

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Wolfgang | 2010/09/30 | no comments

I’ve built up a 3 disk array – RAID 0 system (6 TB) with three “Western Digital WD2001FASS Caviar Black 2000GB” for my 12 core Apple Mac Pro (5.1).
The installation was easy and the result is incredibly fast:

AJA System Test Result - Raid 0 - 3 disk array

It’s approx. 2.5 times faster than before!!!

Now I’m loading my Aperture library (320 GB!) in seconds, before installing my RAID 0 array I’ve waited minutes. The same with my video projects. This is so much better, than before!

A very good explanation how to build a RAID 0 Striped Set: Create a RAID 0 Striped Set!

RAID 0 speed comparison for 1/2/3/4/5/6 disk sets: Apple Mac Performance Guide – RAID 0

You can download the AJA System Speed test here: AJA Speed Test Donload

IMPORTANT ADVICE: Please make pretty sure that your backups are running regularly, when the RAID 0 system crashes you will loose all of your data.

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Apple Mac Pro - Raid 0 - 3 disk array - unbelievable fast!