SmallTown City

(Karlsruhe 2010)

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Wolfgang | 2010/08/12 | no comments

At the moment we live in a small town in Germany: Karlsruhe!

I’ve tried to show that even in a small town you will find enough interesting stuff for a good video! Maybe the only thing you really need for this target is some time… I’ve started to capture my footage in February and finished it last week.

I hope you agree, that this small town experiment was successful… ;-))


Canon EOS 7D
Sony PMW-EX1
Manfrotto 190MF3/701RC2
Several Canon Lenses
Final Cut Pro
Magic Bullet Looks
Apple Mac Pro

Or the same video on YouTube:

SmallTown City (Karlsruhe 2010)

SmallTown City (Karlsruhe 2010)

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SmallTown City (Karlsruhe 2010)