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Import Sony-AVCHD videos into iMovie!

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Wolfgang | 2010/04/21 | 1 comment

The problem: There’s no video import software for Apple Mac from Sony – for Sony cam: HDR-TG7, HDR-TG3, etc.!

I’ve found the following solution:

1. Import the video files on a Windows PC into Sony’s PMB software.

2. Format a Sony Memory PRO Duo stick in your cam.

3. Insert this stick in your card reader while PMB is running.

4. PMB will recognize the stick as a Sony cam.

5. Export from PMB to Sony (Memory stick).

6. Insert the stick in your Apple Mac card reader.

7. Start iMovie and import (CMD+I) your AVCHD files.

Worked very well for my video files. Another solution is VoltaicHD for Mac

Import Sony-AVCHD videos into iMovie!

1 comment

  • igariokas r says:

    Actually you can. I just bought my TG7 and tried it.

    connect to usb port, choose usb connect (internal or memory stick)

    Launch iMovie (I use iMovie 09)

    go to File>Import from Camera.

    Enjoy :)

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Import Sony-AVCHD videos into iMovie!