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General Error - Out of Memory - *SOLVED* - *SOLUTION*!

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Wolfgang | 2010/09/21 | 120 comments

I’ve got a brand new 12-core Apple MacPro with 16 GB RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 5870 Graphics Card!

While rendering a project in Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) I’ve got an error message…

“General Error!” and then “Out of Memory!” ***WTF???***

Equipped with a brand new machine, I thought there must be another problem and did some research, but found nothing really helpful.

In fact the the solution is really simple!

I had the following sequence setting, when I first tried to render and the following error message came up:

Wrong setting:

Apple Final Cut Pro - General Error - Out of Memory - *SOLVED*!


I’ve changed the setting a little bit:

H.264 to “Apple ProRes 422” – and that’s it!!!

Right setting:

Apple Final Cut Pro - General Error - Out of Memory - *SOLVED*!


If you want to know which ProRes codec is the best for your project, please have a look at

And if you don’t know how to change the video settings of a sequence: Right click on it and choose “Settings”! That’s easy… ;-)

If you want to see a pretty fast RAID 0 with 4 SSDs,

please click on this link:


  • Jonny says:


  • Sky says:

    Thanksssss me salvaste la vida!!!!1

  • JustAnotherGuy says:

    Thank you sooooo very much! saved my project… can`t thank you enough.

  • reza says:

    i dont have an “Apple ProRes” compression scheme. :( what to do?

  • Admin says:

    You should try another codec… ;-)

  • Matth says:

    Strangely, I’m having the same issue here but switching to ProRes doesn’t fix the problem. I still get the out of memory error.

    I have 8G RAM, and I’m saving out a 2 1/2 minute video so this seems crazy.

    All I can figure is it must have something to do with OS 10.6.5 which I upgraded to some time in the last couple months.

    Thanks for your post. It’s not solved for me, but good to know it’s a known problem.

  • Fanale says:

    You are a legend

  • admin says:

    Do you use any 3rd party tools, like Magic Bullet Looks?

  • Rakoon Films says:

    thankkkkkk yououuouououou was freaking out for my fcp !

  • Drew H says:

    Sometimes it can be a JPeg that was added to your sequence. try disabling CTRL + B pictures that were added. it has something to do with thier resolution size Vs the sequence resolution.

  • J. says:

    Premiere > Final Cut

  • taydog says:

    of course! your the best, thank you!!

  • Sdiggs says:

    Some would say that, “You are the BOMB!” I would agree with them. Thanks for this post!

  • leisureworld says:

    I was faced with the same problem and figured out the culprit after reading Drew H’s post. The offending clip was a gif I had pulled from a site as a place holder until a higher resolution clip became available. I converted the gif to a png and voila!, no more “out of memory” errors.

  • Nels says:

    thanks it helped me ;)

  • Stan says:


  • Silvia says:

    I have the same problem (out of memory) using an image as the main source for my video. I apply effects to an unique image to do the entire video. Thanks for your recomendations and for those from the commenters. I’ll try them. Thanks!

  • RAI says:


  • A.m.r. says:

    I can see it helped a lot of people, but still not for me. Help!

  • lilo says:

    Yes the problem is solved, but then why does it take 10 minutes to just render a 21 sec clip? Am I doing something wrong?

  • Andrew says:

    cheers mate, really useful solution, im a little annoyed it ate so much of my time!

  • Devin says:

    very helpful. much appreciated!

  • kpd says:

    render in RGB instead of 8 bit or 10 bit also should do it.

  • Nancy says:

    not solved for me. I’m SO disappointed with FCP 7. I’m incorporating a piece of 1920 x 1080 video into a sequence that is 1440 x 1080. NO can do!! Premiere didn’t have an issue when I did it there. I just don’t know that program well enough yet… I tried changing sequence settings a dozen different ways… I can’t waste my whole day on FCP’s inadequacies.

  • Nancy says:

    p.s. figured out that I can pre-render in AE, export, then import to FCP. How convenient! (not!!)

  • Walter White says:

    the jpg to png frikkin worked!! sweeeeeeeet

  • If a JPEG is the problem, how do you find it. I have a project that has hundreds of them. I have finished my project previously without problems. I needed to make some changes now I get the “out of memory” message when I render.

  • Gleidson says:

    Valeu galera! Me ajudou muito! Thanks!

  • mike says:

    I just needed to get something out. Seq settings > video processing > RGB (not 8 or 10bit) worked fine. Haven’t had this problem before. I think it was a combination of images types, esp CMYK images etc…

  • Allan D. Thompson says:

    And boom goes the dynamite. This helped me right out.

  • Wesley Kong says:

    Thank you my friend it worked for me!! I’ve also heard that reducing unecessary clips and files in your browser are helpful. Your solution worked for sure. Prior to that I was exporting unrendered files and that seemed to work, but I had to wait for the entire export and that was a bit of a pain.

  • Stu says:

    Uh that’s only part of the answer

  • Dorian says:

    Thank you for saving my sanity!

  • Nishbot says:

    You fail to mention the fact that rendering in prores422 takes up 10x the amount of space than H264. There’s a reason why people render in H264.

  • pablo says:

    I fucking love you

  • JD says:

    Thanks for the info. Simple solution. Very appreciated.

  • maq says:

    Thank you so much… I’ve been fighting with that error for so long and this is the first helpful comment I found =)

  • tom says:


  • Rob says:

    I’m trying to use a timecode generator and I’m getting this error. I’ve had many reasons and problems with this error. Mostly I’ve had corrupt render files, or .tiffs that are very high resolution and motion causes this error.

    Here’s my advice for anyone getting this error.

    1. Make sure if you have nested any items to go into each nest and make sure it is rendered. Then go back and try to render with the nests in the timeline.

    2. Render bit by bit until you find the “problem file”. Isolate, and destroy! (make a different version, turn it into a .mov, change the resolution, print it from another sequence and use the new QT, etc.)

    3. Trash all of your render files for the sequence, and re-render. (If the clip is in another timeline, trash those render files too, if you copied it from that sequence.)

    4. Break your render into shorter bits.

    I am still having this problem because I am using a TCG on an entire Nest that is 01h:35m:00s If I break it into pieces the TCG starts again at 01:00:00. after each cut. Since it’s just a Timecoded version, I switched to RGB and ProRes422LT. I’m hoping that did the trick, but if not, I think I will try to offset the TCG for each broken up clip so that it matches throughout.

    Any advice on TCG would be muy helpful.

  • Lou says:

    Thanks so much! This worked!!! You just helped me salvage 10 hours of editing. Phew!

  • Incurable Artist says:

    Thanks so much Mike!!

  • TV Terry says:

    I had the same problem even though my JPEGs were RGB and my sequence was Pro Res 422. I simply converted the JPEGs to PNGs and no more error!

  • thepatweir says:

    Some info about my project – shot on 7D all footage converted to Prores,edited on FCP 7, used looks and mojo to CC, contains some image sequences.

    what a nightmare, tying to export my final 30 minute timeline and I have been up all night trying to isolate the problem file. Got rid of all my image sequences, turned them into prores MOVs from AE tried rendering through compressor – no dice, took robs advice and went through bit by bit until I did discover one problem file, an mp4 was hiding in there. I destroyed it – converted to prores using streamclip.

    Im going to babysit this render and let you know wether or not I got it. Fingers crossed my deadline is about to be shattered. – tear

  • thepatweir says:

    Alright so… not every render problem is as easily solved with your sequence settings, as we have learned in the comments from this thread.

    some info about my project – using the “correct sequence setting” who edits in H264 anyways??? 7D Footage converted to prores 422, a few image sequences, CC using Looks and Mojo, 30 minutes in length, 8 gigs of Ram and 8 cores to back it up.

    “out of memory”
    my nightmare started last night when trying to export my 30 minute sequence, failure after failure I meticulously went through every image file and converted them to prores .movs using AE. Then I found Robs thread and tried trashing all my render files and going through bit by bit to see where the problem file was. I did find one .mp4 that snuck into my sequence under the radar, converted that biatch and I’m exporting right now. With ALL files now Prores 422… and exporting to a prores 422… Fingers crossed… I will post my success if it every comes…

  • thepatweir says:

    The MP4 was not the culprit…. Out of memory crash – AGAIN

    Went through frame by frame because I was so irritated and found one effect (a light leak) was on for 5 frames and was an H264… Converted it and re-exporting….. for gods sake I need this to work.

    If it does – my diagnosis: DO NOT USE MAGIC BULLET LOOKS, and if you have to and are already screwed because everything is color corrected with it already, then for gods sake DO NOT USE MAGIC BULLET LOOKS ON H264 FOOTAGE…

    fingers crossed.

  • Gabriel Haze says:

    Yes thank you! And thank you for not going on some 80 page rant like some people do when they solve a 2 second problem. You are a God for making it so easy.

  • Joey says:

    Thank you so much! You have saved me from throwing my iMac on the ground. So simple how this problem was resolved too. I thought I lost my project that I’ve been working on for about 2 weeks!

  • DUMB ASS 13 says:


    From ADMIN: Maybe you have known all this when you were born, but most of us have to learn first what’s right or wrong!

  • thanks! also helped me out!

  • rahul says:

    i hav dne the same settings then too i get general error prob. while i press the key command+e to keep it to export in quicktime

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Apple Final Cut Pro - General Error - Out of Memory - *SOLVED* - *SOLUTION*!